Book Coding - eBook Making on the Command Line

Installing Transpect epubtools-frontend

These notes are for OSX users, but also apply generally to most operating systems.

Below will get you started with a command line eBook generation workflow using an XHTML/CSS file set using the free and open source software Transpect module epubtools-frontend. For full guidelines on the whole process, designing and editing your book see

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  1. Create a GitHub account
  2. Download GitHub desktop app
  3. Use your GitHub user account and log into the desktop app
  4. Now add two repositories from GitHub to your GitHub desktop app
  5. Install Java™ Platform, Standard Edition Development Kit (SDK) 1.7+ -
  6. Launch your command line interface (CLI) AKA terminal from /applications/ultilities/ or by another method on Linux or Windows
  7. In the terminal navigate to /Documents/Github/epubtools-frontend using cd Documents/Github/epubtools-frontend or to wherever you have your Github repositories stored. NB: Basic Mac command line cheat sheet
  8. Now you can make eBooks by entering the following command in the terminal, the terminal output will give you the name and location of the outputted eBook file:
$ ./epubconvert epubtools/sample/sample.xhtml

Terminal output

starting epubconvert  
writing EPUB file => epubtools/sample/sample.epub  
epubconvert finished, for details see epubtools/sample/sample.log  


You can also use the #psberlin book template here to make an ebook, and edit and design the book as you like. Run the following command:

$ ./epubconvert ../book-coding/template2/template2.xhtml

Any questions ping us on Twitter @hy_pub or log an issue on Github.