Multi-Format Book Design Using CSS — Intro Course

Berlin.Publishing School: NextGen free and open source publishing. Free classes for making multi-format books with CSS, in-class / online.

Date and times: three classes, 7.30–9.30pm CEST, Berlin; starting 19th July, then 26th July and finishing 2nd August

Register: email Simon

Free course, classroom and online, info #psberlin

Learn to design a multi-format book from one XHTML source file using CSS. Multi-format outputs include: print PDF, print-on-demand PDF, screen PDF, mobile-first Web using Bootstrap, and eBook formats EPUB 2 / 3 and AZW3 / KF8 for Kindle.

The CSS book layout method can be integrated into any workflow or CMS as long as you can provide an XHTML file. The CSS/XHTML combo with GitHub revisioning has a number of advantages, it means text and graphics editors can carry on working away on one file set while you work on layout; you can create a CSS layout library that means speedy layouts can be applied to new projects; and finally you can adopt a free and open source workflow saying goodbye to proprietary and expensive software licenses.

Over the duration of the course you will make a small book.

No prior experience needed, just bring a laptop.

Technologies: #Vivliostyle #Transpect #CSS Paged Media #GitHub


(classroom) Anagram Books Distribution, Lausitzer Str. 35, 10999 Berlin

(online) Slack, #psberlin

Contact, Simon Worthington @hy_pub +49(0)17.4405-4890.

Discuss using #psberlin hashtag or join Slack channel

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