NextGen Archive Publishing

Below is our brief presentation from the Frankfurt Book Fair, this October 2016. HPG was taking part in the 'Disruption Now' featuring ten startups, including finalists in the CONTENTshift accelerator competition. Hosted by the German Book Trade society (Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels).

The Hybrid Player

The Hybrid Publishing Group develops mobile-first and richmedia technologies to transform publishing from archives.
The museum exhibition catalog is a key publishing platform for museums, libraries and archives — the MLA sector. Our research shows that its roles are too limiting — for the institution it’s a proof of existence, for the reader a prestige item or souvenir, and their typically low print runs hold back knowledge dissemination. Our objective is to put the exhibition catalog at the service of the museum’s digital strategy. So much research time and investment goes into these catalogs, that it warrants these publications being ‘put-to-work’ in new roles.

Modular Redistribution

A modular redistribution approach should be taken to the content. As companions to the print form, digital versions can be made for different audiences, for example — versions linking to archive sources for the scholar, as gateway education modules leading back to the archive, or as social media publications. Until now digital exhibition catalogs have not been able to match print. Our new product the Hybrid Player will change that, by using mobile-first and richmedia tech to create a new generation of interfaces.

Tech Innovation

We have two major tech innovations;
Firstly, continuous integration for content, this means real-time validation, so your content is always multi-format ready. It also enables 100% integration with common authoring workflow tools, like — InDesign and Word. Secondly, deep linking. We can link to any point in and across publication versions. For example, this means video text transcriptions become searchable by Google and words can link to exact points in a video.


We have created Hybrid Player prototype publications with a variety of museums in the course of developing the software framework. These include Southern Methodist University - Dallas, Fotomuseum Winterthur, Museum Reina Sofia and the Marshall McLuhan Salon.
Where we’re at? After our experimental prototypes we are now ready to move onto a phase of building the Hybrid Player as a framework for others to use and before the end of the year we will have a release on GitHub for that purpose.