The Hybrid Publishing Consortium ReBoot!

The Hybrid Publishing Consortium is HPG’s sister organisation dedicated to coordinating work between different software producers to produce high-quality engineering in publishing infrastructures.

For 2017 the HPC is shifting up a gear! See the announce below.

The consortium’s mission is to support software development communities to build free and open-source publishing infrastructures.

The objective is to promote design excellence in — authoring systems, publication layout and interface design, librarianship and engineering — to enable diverse and global communities in the pursuit of knowledge creation and dissemination.

For our 2017 ReBoot the consortium will be working in two areas;

  • First on trad multi-format publishing with Le-Tex‘s XML technology stack around the product Transpect

  • Second with multi-media publishing and our own experimental concoction the Hybrid Player, an open ended mixture of mobile-first JavaScript, deep-linking and Open Web technologies

HPC‘s members include:

Organisations: Le-Tex Publishing Services GmbH, Fidus Writer, AVCO Limited, Hybrid Publishing Group, InfoMesh Technologies UG, Small Museums (Canada), xm:lab - Experimental Media Lab (HBKsaar, DE) and Center for Disruptive Media (Coventry University, UK), Mute Publishing. Scholarly publishing consultation members: Kavita Philip and Senthil Babu.

If you would like to find out more or have a question please drop us a line on Twitter @pub_con, follow us on GitGub or join one of our lists.


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