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The group brings together researchers from different publishing backgrounds to work on questions of publishing technology. The purpose of the research is to produce free and open source software tools that solve common problems encountered across publishing sectors.

The two technology areas that we are looking to realise new breakthroughs in and support industry-wide collaboration are, firstly streamlining multi-format publishing and secondly the networked book. We work in the short term cycles of rapid prototyping and on the long haul of product development and software engineering.

The value digital technologies for publishers is in developing new publishing strategies. We collaborate with partners on the strategy creation process in a variety of fields; museums, libraries and archive, learning contexts and scholarly publishing. The results of the collaborations on strategy research are greatly aided by free and open source methodologies, these add flexibility to reshape the software to meet the project's needs. The methods in free and open source allows for consulting peers and being able to dip into the wide ecology of existing software development projects.

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